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My experience with analytics


The purpose of most of my software development was, almost without exception, analytics and quantitative model-building.  From ordinary optimization algorithms to “unconventional” techniques for trading models, I have very in-depth experience in datamining, machine-learning, quantitative analysis, and artificial intelligence techniques.  My experience in analytics ranges from highly quantitative (support vector machines, probabilistic models, computational genomics), to heuristic (various machine learning/AI methods, rule-based systems), to highly computational (brute force parallel/distributed evaluation).  Throughout the course of my career I usually have had to present the results and conclusions to colleagues, senior management, clients, or my own team for review and discussion.  I have written or co-authored numerous peer-reviewed published papers, whitepapers, and large-scale internal documents.  I have co-authored two patents for my analytic work, and was directly responsible for the design of specialized algorithms.